We understand that this may be your first experience with filing a claim and the process can feel overwhelming at times. It is our goal to make the process go smoother, lend transparency, and offer flexibility to meet your needs.

Although we can often customize our process to meet specific needs, the following steps are the most common for handling claims:

First Contact

We will contact you as soon as we receive your information. During this call, we can answer any questions you may have, schedule an inspection to go over your items in person, or coordinate a time to have your items picked up for cleaning.


We will do a walk-through of your home with you to determine items that need to be cleaned, identify items that require special handling, and address items that cannot be restored. We will complete a detailed photo inventory of your items and on-site inventories are available when time and the work environment permits.

Priority Order

We recommend that you select the items that you will need for work, special events, and temporary living arrangements while your home is being repaired and we suggest that you choose at least two weeks’ worth of clothing. These items will be cleaned and returned to you typically within 24-48 hours depending on need, volume, and severity of damage.


As a courtesy, we will bill your insurance company or contractor directly using insurance-friendly pricing. The billing is submitted before any items have been cleaned so there is plenty of opportunity to avoid any billing concerns.

As pre-approved vendors for most insurance companies, we meet and often exceed their insurance requirements to be a vendor. We provide coverage for your items from the moment they are taken into our possession, throughout our process, and up to the time they are delivered back to your home.


The remainder of your garments and soft goods will be cleaned and can be stored until repairs to your home are completed.

All items will be cleaned according to care label or standard professional methods. We use detergents and processes that are catered to cleaning smoke, water, or mold, but do not damage or compromise the integrity of the garment. We don’t use crazy chemicals to remove soot and odors. We use the science of cleaning to control the temperature, time, ph, detergent, load and agitation power; each catered to the specific fabric or material in an effort to optimize the success of cleaning.


Upon completion of your repairs, we will deliver your items back to your home. We will return the hanging clothes and boxes to the appropriate rooms and we can assist you with putting them away upon request.

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