About Us

We believe the quality of your work is determined by the quality of your people. Therefore, we have built our foundation on people with principle, empathy, knowledge, and the ability to employ the standard of customer service you deserve.

We look forward to helping you, our customer, in restoring peace to an otherwise difficult time. The Garment Restoration Company was built upon superior quality, exceptional service, and satisfaction guaranteed.

Since 1970 we were the local ‘go-to’ for restoration dry cleaning needs in Bakersfield, California. In 2007, under the direction of new ownership, we changed our name to The Garment Restoration Company and began to offer full service dry cleaning, laundry, and restoration services to all of California and parts of Nevada and Arizona.

Our company leaders are trained and certified by the industry’s top educational firms. Our production training staff learned the trade in one of the toughest and highest demand markets in the country: Hollywood, California. With years of cleaning experience, industry training, and passionate staff, we have the unparalleled ability to offer peace of mind that your clothing will be cleaned properly, and all the appropriate precautions will be taken to ensure the highest level of care.

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